What is the Main Cause of Headache?

American scientists managed to make a discovery, which is considered a real breakthrough in the treatment of a disease such as a migraine. Experts were able to define processes that can trigger certain mechanisms that provoke chronic headaches.

Any migraine can be provoked by the same process resulting in pain or nausea. This became known due to research that scientists have been doing for a long time from one American university. They were able to establish that headaches appear caused by a large number of free-type radicals or special molecules. Over time, they acquire a chronic form, since too many radicals are produced during oxygen processing.headache

Due to an excess of free radicals, the body begins to suffer from an imbalance arising from oxidative stress. At this time, a person feels an acute shortage of antioxidants to help cope with free-type radicals. Thanks to this discovery, it will be possible to search for an effective medicine that will cope with migraines in the future. Many scientists are sure that this will not be complicated, that is, as a process of taking simple vitamins.

The authors of this discovery faced one main task related to the search for potential causes of headaches. Most often, this includes a lack of water or poor air quality, since any of these reasons can negatively affect the brain. It was possible to find out that all headaches are associated with oxidative stress. It was also noted that the free radical is directly related to the risk of developing a malignant tumor, although some researchers attribute it to human aging.

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Thanks to this discovery, it will be possible to avoid the appearance of pain or to alleviate the condition of a person. This will be achieved by consuming vitamin C, which is able to remove all toxic substances and radicals from the body. But these components are also hazardous to health. If you use an additive rich in antioxidants all the time, the risk of death increases. But in any case, the discovery of a mechanism leading to migraine development is very important for combating this disease.

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