Consultation with a Doctor if Suffer from ED

Every man should make an appointment with an andrologist to discuss issues of intimate nature. His field of specialty includes the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of genital diseases, including erectile dysfunction, male infertility, rapid ejaculation, decreased libido and other intimate disorders. Modern andrology is a synthesis of urology, sexology, and endocrinology.

An appointment with an andrologist

The andrologist is engaged in solving the most delicate problems. It is difficult for many men to admit this problem and make an appointment with this specialist. A comfortable atmosphere for productive communication with the doctor should be created. It is very important when discussing problems of an intimate nature. In the vast majority of cases, sexual disorders are easily corrected, you just need to contact a specialist in a timely manner. It is not recommended to postpone a visit to the andrologist, as this exacerbates the disease over time. It results in a more complicated and long-lasting course of treatment. Timely treatment will help to restore sexual function easier and faster.Why To Consult an Andrologist_

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve an erection. The most common cause is insufficient blood flow to certain penile vessels, ensuring its blood supply and an increase in volume to a fully active state.

Currently, about 80-90% of all cases of erectile dysfunction are associated with vascular disorders and, to a lesser extent, with hormonal imbalance and psycho-neurological conditions.

Many men often attribute their inability to maintain normal sexual function to stress, employment at work, fatigue, age, and more. However, these are just additional factors that negatively affect the penile vessels’ patency.

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The main complaints of sexual dysfunction in men:

  • a weakness of the penis;
  • lack of firmness at the time of sexual excitement;
  • weakness or complete absence of morning erection;
  • loss or reduction of penile tension during intercourse;
  • low sexual desire, lack of desire;
  • sexual intercourse quickly ends, unsatisfactory duration;
  • fear of failure;
  • orgasm disorders.

The main consequences of erectile dysfunction

In addition to dissatisfaction, irregular sexual life or its absence results in stagnant and inflammatory changes in the genitals, as well as hormonal imbalance in the male body and other negative consequences.

As a result of the lack of regular sex life, the male body accumulates seminal fluid. Favorable conditions are created for the growth and development of various bacteria and microorganisms in the genitals that produce seminal fluid (prostate, seminal vesicles, testicles). All this leads to the development of prostate inflammation (prostatitis), as well as the seminal vesicles (vesiculitis).

The inflammatory process in the genitals cannot arise simply from hypothermia or a decrease in immunity. These are favorable conditions for the growth and development of bacteria.


As a result, it is very important to make an appointment with an andrologist in a timely manner. Earlier you consult a doctor faster you will restore erectile function. Choose the clinic, get details about this institution, make an appointment. You will see how fast it is to overcome erectile dysfunction when knowing the exact cause of ED.

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